2m QSO Party

November 12, 2022 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Lower Mainland Radio Room

How often has an operator said that they would like to participate in a QSO party, but cannot do HF at their
QTH? Here is a way they can join us, on 2m! This year, we have added SSB as well as FM.

Nov 12nd 2022, Saturday, from 10:00-14:00 PST, let's have a Party on 2m, FM or SSB. Use an FM simplex frequency between 146.415 and 147.570 MHz, or an SSB frequency between 144.200 and 144.275MHz.

Contest is open to all certified amateurs. Each QSO must have one station within Metro Vancouver, Vancouver and Gulf Islands, Southwest BC (Grids CN79, CN89 and CN99) or Northwest WA (only Grid Squares along the Canada-USA border: CN78, CN88, CN98) in order to be considered for points.

  • Radios will be classified by power as QRP (10w or less), MED (11-49w), HIGH (50w or
  • Points will be given for the correct exchange of Callsign, Power class, Municipality.
  • Stations may be MOBILE (calling from multiple Municipalities), or FIXED (one

Each FM station worked is worth one point. Each SSB station worked is worth 2 points. A Fixed station may be worked only once in each mode, while a Mobile station may be worked more than once if it has moved to a different Municipality. 10 bonus points for each municipality that you contact. 10 bonus points for each municipality you are transmitting from. (Shhhhh, your first contact could be worth 21 points (10+10+1 points) ).

Valid FM operating frequencies include 146.415, 146.430, 146.445, 146.460, 146.475, 146.490, 146.505, 146.535, 146.550, 146.565, 146.580, 146.595, 147.420, 147.450, 147.480, 147.510, 147.540, 147.570 MHz. Valid SSB operating frequencies are between 144.200 and 144.275.

(ref: https://wp.rac.ca/144-mhz-2m-page/ ).

Electronic log files to be submitted in XLS or gsheet format to qsoparty@radioroom.ca by Nov 30, to be included in the scoring. No prizes will be awarded, but lots of admiration from your peers.

For further information, contact qsoparty@radioroom.ca

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