ARDF - Fox Hunting

MRARC 2014 ARDF – Sept 27th

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BARC 2m ARDF Fox Hunt Oct 20th

We're having a 2m fox-hunt (ARDF) event this coming Sunday, October 20th at Central Park in Burnaby. See the event calendar entry for all the details.


ARDF Practice in Burnaby on June 9th

There will be a practice fox hunt at Confederation Park, Burnaby,  June 9, 10:00 AM.  Meet at the parking lot off of Beta Avenue, North of Hastings. Equipment is available to loan. A license is not required (receive only).

For more information contact Keith VE7KW, Amel VA7KBA, or email

Burnaby 2m ARDF Practice Session on Oct 7th

The 2m practice fox-hunt has been scheduled for October 7th at Robert Burnaby Park. Check out the event listing for all the details.


Sept 15th Victoria ARDF Results

Image of person holding an Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) antennaThe results are in from the Victoria ARDF 2m fox-hunt held on Saturday Sept. 15th by the Friendship Amateur Radio Society.

It was a super nice and sunny day. Our Thanks go out to the Victoria hosts who made everyone's stay very pleasant.

The course at Beaver Lake Park had an estimated minimum-length run to all 5 tx of about 8 km, a 2 hour time limit. In approximate standing order:

  1. Amel   1:56, 5 tx + beacon
  2. James  1:48, 3 tx
  3. Lou    2:49, 3 tx
  4. Mike   2:05, 1 tx + beacon
  5. Les    2:25, ??? (not recorded)