Ethernet cables & morse code

I'm clearing out a bunch of stuff to make room for more stuff! I have a bunch of CAT 5E ethernet cables of various lengths from 10' to 30' and some shorter ones.. Most are unused still packaged. Most are white in colour, all have RJ45 connectors. Make an offer. I can bring some to Metrotown. Message me your needs and I'll check to see what I have.

There's a chance the club will have its new premises before Xmas. Among other things we can do a morse code class for those thinking about adapting a VHF/UHF portable to CW. It's a great skill to have and operating CW is a heck of a lot of fun. I taught CW and gave the exam back in the 90s. If you're interested in getting something together send me an email.

Michael Hill

Callsign   VE7DMH


Phone   (778) 919-7005

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