Pacific Jamboree 2019 – Ham Radio Station VE7SHR

[The Jamboree was held July 7th to 14th and was a great success.  The Ham Radio station gave out ~280 badges to Scouts who completed a 12 items checklist that included; learning the phonetic alphabet, talking on the radio, sending and receiving a short code message, translating 3 messages of the day, learning the first 5 letters of the alphabet in Morse and a few other misc items.  Everyone who earned the badge left with a big smile on there face and we may have at least a few future hams.  Unfortunately the HF bands were very noisy from the location (S8+) so we only had a couple of short wave contacts.  73, VA7EDU ]

The 2019 Pacific Scout Jamboree will be happening next week, July 7 to 13th at Camp Barnard near Sooke BC.  The Ham Radio station will be operating from 8am to 9pm Saturday evening through Friday and any amateur operations listening are encouraged to respond to CQ's and talk to the youth.

The camp call sign is VE7SHR

The following frequencies will be monitored:

80 metres = 3.940MHz
40 meters = 7.190 MHz
20 metres = 14.290 MHz
17 metres = 18.140 MHz
2 metres = 146.580 (simplex) and the WARA Repeater

There will also be an FT8 station operating.

YIS, Lawrence Harris


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