BARC at the Edmonds City Fair

This was our first year at the Edmonds City Fair (and Classic Car and Motorcycle Show). We got to set up between the City of Burnaby's Emergency Program booth and the RCMP Emergency Command Vehicle. It was a perfect spot. We could borrow power from the generator on the Emergency Vehicle and the Grab & Go kit we were demonstrating was one of the big HF/VHF City kits that Lou, VE7CGE, and Ron, VA7AUZ, put together a while back.

One of the things that I'm always struggling with is how to get people interested enough to stop and talk with us, especially the younger ones ... they're a tough crowd. So this year I did some asking around and searching of the web and came up with a bunch of activities.

In addition to the HF/VHF kit we had a code practice oscillator, a pair of FRS radios, QSL card decorating, Morse Code bracelets using Rainbow Loom elastics, and a big jar of lollipops 🙂

Everything was a hit ... the bracelets for the tweens and teens, the QSL cards for the younger kids, the practice oscillator and lollipops with kids of all ages.

The ARRL website suggests going with beads for the bracelets but I guessed that incorporating the Rainbow Loom stuff would keep things very trendy. I wasn't wrong there. I don't think we had less than three or four people at the booth at any given time.

The funniest part of the whole day was that none of us tending the booth use code. But with the help of the printouts we muddled through and probably memorized a few letters 🙂

A super big thanks go out to Pete, VE7VPK and Ray, VE7RKG for all their help!


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