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Field Day 2014 planning in progress

Field Day 2014 planning is well underway and it's shaping up to be another great year. Once again we're getting together with the Coquitlam and New Westminster clubs to showcase our abilities in emergency communications and make as many contacts as we can within a 24-hour period.

This year we're at the Riverview Lands. From Lougheed Hwy turn at Colony Farm Road and follow the signs to BCAS and SPARC.

Members who would like to operate are asked to sign up ahead of time (send us a note if you need the link to the sign-up sheet).

Come on out to our club meetings June 6th and 20th for more planning info.



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New VE7RBY VHF Repeater Antenna Installed

We are very happy to announce that the new VHF antenna for the VE7RBY repeater system is on the air!!

On Saturday, December 21st Ian (VE7HHS), Matt (VA7DUI), and Phil (VE7KJR) spent a somewhat eventful afternoon/evening up at the repeater site.

Ian writes ...

Getting this 20.5 foot antenna up to the rooftop was interesting, as the main "boom" is one solid piece of aluminium it could not be broken down.  Because of this, the original plan to walk the antenna up the stairs wasn't going to work.  It was simply too long to make the turns in the stairway.

So, plan "B".  In order to get the antenna up to the top floor we ended up partially disassembling two of the exposed dipoles.  With enough delicate persuasion, we were able bend the boom just enough to transition it to a vertical state in the basement.  Once we it vertical, we were able to slide it up between the floors in between the staircases, with less than 1" to spare on either side.  We leapfrogged each other until we had hoisted the antenna to the top floor (about 16 flights of stairs).

Once the antenna was on the top floor we were able to move it horizontally and get it oriented for it's last maneuver, which was out the top door and onto the roof. From there, it took another hour to swap out the old VHF antenna (SRL 224).

The new antenna was on the tower and connected by 6pm.  We took a few minutes to catch our breath before lowering down both the old VHF antenna as well as the heavy duty (140lb) Sinclair SD214.  These antennas come apart, allowing us to walk them down the stairs.

Next on this list is to install the new LDF4 feedline and connectors.  Hope to get to that before the new year.  In the interim, I'm looking for feedback from the RBY user community on the effectiveness of the new antenna.


Our thanks to Ian, Matt, and Phil for all their hard work yesterday!!

We'd love to hear your feedback on the new antenna performance. Please send all your comments, signal reports, etc. to

As always, your donations to the club help us to keep the repeater system going and to fund larger initiatives like this. Make a donation now!

We hope everyone has a very happy and safe holiday season.


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Special Guests at Our November 1st AGM

Not that you needed another reason to attend the AGM ... We are pleased to announce that special guests Geoff Bawden, RAC President, and Bill Gipps, RAC Director for BC/Yukon, will be joining us on Friday, November 1st. After we get the business out of the way the rest of the evening will be for presentations and Q&A.

Everyone is welcome to join us (guests are always welcome at any of our meetings). Hope to see you there!


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Notice of 2013 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Our 2013 Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Friday, November 1st at the Edmonds Community Center. The doors will be open at 7pm. We will call the meeting to order at 7:30pm.

Just a reminder that your membership dues need to be paid in full prior to the start of the meeting (at 7:30pm) in order to be eligible to vote. Payments can be made on the website via PayPal or by cash or cheque delivered to Lou or any of the current Executive. Please do not mail cash. Any mailed payments must be received by October 31st.

We will be presenting the 2012/2013 financial statements and voting on the budget for 2013/2014. This is also when we will be voting on all of the positions for the Executives and for any Director positions that are coming vacant. If you are unable to attend the meeting but still wish to vote you may make arrangements for a proxy.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the AGM.


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The New Club Station

This past Friday was our very first meeting at the new Edmonds Community Center and also the grand unveiling of the new club station. It was a great turnout and it was so fabulous to see the official VE7BAR station in action. Lou and Ron gave us a tour of all the cabinet features ... very impressive!  Ron did such an excellent job building the cabinet and both he and Lou installed all the various equipment inside. Support for this project has been overwhelming ... from Rona Home and Garden #176 who donated all the cabinet supplies to the private donations of computer and radio equipment and the work crew who installed the antennas ... Thank You!!!

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New Meeting Venue – Edmonds Community Centre

This Friday, Sept 6th, we have our first meeting at the new Edmond’s Community Center from 7pm to 10pm. Yeah!

We are in Meeting Room 3 – Rm 212  … upstairs, not far from the elevator. There is street and underground parking available off of Humphries.

Our new club station has already been moved in and the antenna tower is up. There’s just a little more work required to get it all going and I think some of that will be happening during the meeting. It'll be great to finally have a station available again and I know more than a few of you have been waiting for this for a while (myself included).

Unfortunately we won’t be able to use our coffee machine in the room so you’ll need to bring your own beverage or purchase from the café on the main floor of the centre.

Hope to see you all there!!

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Field Day 2013 – Planning Meeting

There will be a Field Day planning meeting on Tuesday, June 11th @7pm at the Tommy Douglas Library. Members from the Burnaby, Coquitlam, and New Westminster clubs are invited to attend.

This year we're hoping to get a little more activity going with newbies and YLs and especially new YLs 🙂 so bring your ideas and enthusiasm!


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Obituary for Bill Slaughter VE7WS

The obituary for Bill Slaughter, VE7WS, is online on The Province website at

There is also an on-line guest book at that page for you to leave a message or memory of Bill.


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Tracking our Volunteer Hours

We’re going to be applying for the Community Gaming Grant this year (and hopefully future years as well) and one of the things that strengthens our application is to be able to show the number of hours that each of us volunteers with the club.

To help make it easier to track the hours I’ve set up a form on the website for you to submit any time you spend on club activities like Sun Run, the Father’s Day Walk/Run for Prostate Cancer Research, Red Cross, City of Burnaby emergency communications, repeater maintenance, Grab & Go kit maintenance, the club station installation and maintenance, Field Day, Swap Meet, etc. etc.

If the work that you do is on-going please pick an interval that works for you to report your hours on a regular basis … eg. weekly, monthly, etc.

The form is available at:

I’ll try to send out reminders after significant events, but don’t feel you need to wait for me. The general rule of thumb is that if it’s a club sponsored event or task that benefits the community then we want to track it. If you’re not sure whether an event or activity is one we want to track go ahead and submit it anyway and we can figure it out later.

Let us know if you have any questions about the form or volunteer hours.

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Silent Key – Bill Slaughter VE7WS

As many of you have already heard, Bill Slaughter VE7WS of Burnaby Radio passed away May 18th. We would like to send our deepest sympathies to his family.  We have received the following message from Mike Wong, VE7HMW, that he has asked to be shared...


Hello fellow amateur radio operators.

As you may or may not know W.W.(Bill)Slaughter (VE7CIM/VE7WS) of
Burnaby Radio Communications Ltd had passed away May 18 2013. Bill had
opened the store for 20+ years ago to support the commercial and
amateur radio community. Bill was 73 and had been fighting a medical
ailment for some time.

As many of you know I have been helping Bill part time for around 3
years with sales and repairs. The store will be open in June after the
Sea-PAC Hamfest. Please be patient as this will be a huge undergoing
for me.

Burnaby Radio will be open on June 8-9 2013 for fellow hams to pay
there last respects and tell stories on how Bill got them into radio
(hihi). This will be a two day event as many out of town guys would
like to come.

Mike Wong





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No Meeting on June 7th

There will be no social meeting on Friday, June 7th as the meeting room at the library is unavailable for us that day. See you on the 21st!


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