VE7RBY Relocated to Mt. Seymour

On August 27, 2016 VE7RBY:  145.350 (-600) Tone: 127.3 was relocated to Mt. Seymour. This is a temporary situation until we can raise enough money to replace the tower at SFU.

Monday August 29, at 20:00 hours, our Net will take place on VE7RBY.  All subsequent BARC nets will be on VE7RBY.

The repeater coverage area should be roughly the same as that of VE7RPT (most of the Fraser Valley up to Abbotsford and most of mid Vancouver Island from Nanaimo to Duncan).

The repeater controller is not yet connected at this time so there is no courtesy tone at the end of transmissions or voice ident., only an auto ident. in CW every half hour. Initial tests indicate good audio readablity, low noise floor, and low level of intermod.

The Burnaby Amateur Radio Club would like to thank Ian VE7HHS and his band of merry men from the BCFMCA for their hard work to make this installation happen. Thanks also to Lou VE7CGE for keeping the repeater on the air at his house for many months and to Fred VE7FYO and the Coquitlam Amateur Radio Club for allowing us to use the VE7MFS repeater for our Monday night nets at 2000 hrs. local time.


Club President: Brian Janzen - VE7CTH

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