New VE7RBY VHF Repeater Antenna Installed

We are very happy to announce that the new VHF antenna for the VE7RBY repeater system is on the air!!

On Saturday, December 21st Ian (VE7HHS), Matt (VA7DUI), and Phil (VE7KJR) spent a somewhat eventful afternoon/evening up at the repeater site.

Ian writes …

Getting this 20.5 foot antenna up to the rooftop was interesting, as the main “boom” is one solid piece of aluminium it could not be broken down.  Because of this, the original plan to walk the antenna up the stairs wasn’t going to work.  It was simply too long to make the turns in the stairway.

So, plan “B”.  In order to get the antenna up to the top floor we ended up partially disassembling two of the exposed dipoles.  With enough delicate persuasion, we were able bend the boom just enough to transition it to a vertical state in the basement.  Once we it vertical, we were able to slide it up between the floors in between the staircases, with less than 1″ to spare on either side.  We leapfrogged each other until we had hoisted the antenna to the top floor (about 16 flights of stairs).

Once the antenna was on the top floor we were able to move it horizontally and get it oriented for it’s last maneuver, which was out the top door and onto the roof. From there, it took another hour to swap out the old VHF antenna (SRL 224).

The new antenna was on the tower and connected by 6pm.  We took a few minutes to catch our breath before lowering down both the old VHF antenna as well as the heavy duty (140lb) Sinclair SD214.  These antennas come apart, allowing us to walk them down the stairs.

Next on this list is to install the new LDF4 feedline and connectors.  Hope to get to that before the new year.  In the interim, I’m looking for feedback from the RBY user community on the effectiveness of the new antenna.


Our thanks to Ian, Matt, and Phil for all their hard work yesterday!!

We’d love to hear your feedback on the new antenna performance. Please send all your comments, signal reports, etc. to

As always, your donations to the club help us to keep the repeater system going and to fund larger initiatives like this. Make a donation now!

We hope everyone has a very happy and safe holiday season.


One Response to New VE7RBY VHF Repeater Antenna Installed

  1. Lou Beaubien VE7CGE December 24, 2013 at 11:56 am #

    Great Job Guys. We were surprised on our net last night to be able to hear distant stations much better. Ian said 3db gain. Even Walter did better with low power handhelds.
    My friend Don Dangelmaier, VA7AB, came in like a ton of bricks from Langley