Volunteers Needed – Hyack International Parade on May 25th

Radio operators are needed to help out with the annual Hyack International Parade on Saturday, May 25th in New Westminster.

Assignments will include such things as assembly area, judging, shuttle buses, police, with various Hyack and parade officials, P.A. announcer, dispersal etc. The parade committee also counts on us for communication at many of the intersections along the parade route and would appreciate any help we can provide with the actual manning of the traffic. Operators assigned to the assembly area and parade officials will start communications at 08:00 and those assigned to points along the parade route will start a little later. The event starts at 10:30 with the Vancouver Police Motorcycle Drill Team and the parade follows. We are usually all done by around 13:00.

As always, new hams are very welcome. No experience is necessary, we can certainly buddy up any brand new hams with an experienced operator. All that is required is a 2 metre handheld (and hopefully a spare battery!)

Please contact Ken, VE7BC to volunteer. Send us an email at club@ve7bar.org if you need Ken's contact information.


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