Silent Key – Bill Slaughter VE7WS

As many of you have already heard, Bill Slaughter VE7WS of Burnaby Radio passed away May 18th. We would like to send our deepest sympathies to his family.  We have received the following message from Mike Wong, VE7HMW, that he has asked to be shared...


Hello fellow amateur radio operators.

As you may or may not know W.W.(Bill)Slaughter (VE7CIM/VE7WS) of
Burnaby Radio Communications Ltd had passed away May 18 2013. Bill had
opened the store for 20+ years ago to support the commercial and
amateur radio community. Bill was 73 and had been fighting a medical
ailment for some time.

As many of you know I have been helping Bill part time for around 3
years with sales and repairs. The store will be open in June after the
Sea-PAC Hamfest. Please be patient as this will be a huge undergoing
for me.

Burnaby Radio will be open on June 8-9 2013 for fellow hams to pay
there last respects and tell stories on how Bill got them into radio
(hihi). This will be a two day event as many out of town guys would
like to come.

Mike Wong





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