Results from the 2012 Great BC ShakeOut Exercise

Photo of seismographToday we participated in our first Great BC ShakeOut exercise. A big Thank You to everyone who took the time to check-in with us and the other amateur radio groups.

We had 23 check-ins plus Pete and myself for a total of 25 participants. Pretty impressive numbers for a Thursday in the middle of the morning.

We heard from operators in Burnaby, New Westminster, Surrey, Vancouver, the North Shore, Richmond, Delta, Tsawwassen, and Langley including contacts from the Surrey RCMP and Vancouver EOC radio rooms and Delta's emergency radio team. More than half of the stations reporting in were using alternate power (batteries).

Some of the operators who checked-in with us were also able to check in with the other Lower Mainland radio groups and let them know that we were active on the RBY repeater and I think that certainly helped with our numbers today.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the VHF and UHF repeaters linked as I had hoped and that is now the first 'To Do' on my list of preparations.

During a real quake we won't have the luxury of advanced warning and being able to look things up on the web ... we'll need to know ahead of time where to find each other. It was reassuring that so many lower mainland operators knew how to connect with us. We'll be continuing to work on our emergency plan and will let everyone know what that plan is.

Karla, VA7KJW

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