Join Us for The Great BC ShakeOut Exercise

We're still working out a few of the details for our Great BC ShakeOut drill this Thursday, but the important part to remember is to:

  1. do your own drill first, then
  2. check-in to our net on the RBY VHF repeater (145.350 with a tone of 127.3) starting at 10:30am

The net will last approx. 1 to 1.5 hours (until 11:30 to 12noon) depending on how many check-ins we get and how many other radio groups we're able to connect with (I'll be asking for a few of the people who check in with us to switch frequencies and make contact with another of the participating radio groups).

I know a lot of folks will be in the middle of their work day so we'll try to get you checked-in and back to work as quickly as possible. Please don't feel you need to tune in right at 10:30 or stay on frequency during the entire exercise.

I'll be heading up the net control team for this exercise and am looking for one or two others who will have time to spend an extended amount of time on the radio to share net control duties.

Please pass this information along to other radio operators in the area and encourage them to check-in with us as well.

To see the volunteer radio groups registered for the ShakeOut go to


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